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【Global DeepTech Accelerator Osaka】 Introducing Five selected startups!

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Global DeepTech Accelerator Osaka is a program that aims to produce startups from Osaka that will be active on the global stage.

We are pleased to announce the five startups selected for the program in fiscal year 2023!

Please look forward to the business growth of each company.


Respirator Mask javalla

Masks to date have been uniform in shape and cannot accommodate individual differences in the face. As a result, there are areas where the mask hits hard and areas where it hits weakly. The strong contact areas cause skin damage, while the weak contact areas result in inadequate fit due to gaps.

To solve this problem, we offer javalla that can be deformed to fit any face. The special bellows structure of the cushion conforms to the shape of the face to disperse pressure and provide an easy fit without gaps.

Yuto Kido


iDevice Corporation

Established: 2016

02.Eight Knots

Autonomous navigation system that can be retrofitted to existing small vessels

As a group of experts in robotics and AI, Eightknot aims to solve social issues and create a new sea-based economic zone by promoting "DX of the sea" and "robotization of ships," focusing on the development of autonomous navigation technology for small vessels. Eightknot's autonomous navigation system can be used just like a car navigation system, and the entire process, from taking off from shore to landing on shore, is automated by simply tapping the destination. The system is also equipped with a remote monitoring function for future unmanned navigation.

Through the social implementation of autonomous navigation technology, we hope to support vessel crews, improve vessel safety, optimize operational costs, and make waterborne transportation more accessible to the public.

Hiroto Kimura

Representative Director and CEO

Eight Knots Co.

Established: 2021

03.Chinou Gijutsu

AI Sensors Prevent Patients from Falling Out of Bed and Save Lives Worldwide

Falls from hospitalized patients' beds are the most common cause of injury and death in hospitals and nursing homes worldwide. They are also the most common cause of injury and death. There are many sensors that aim to prevent this, but they are not effective. Therefore, as a researcher at a medical university, our CEO has developed a sensor that uses AI with hospitals and nursing homes. The sensor does not detect instantaneous movements as in the past, but rather continuously monitors behavioral changes over a 24-hour period and prevents falls by detecting predictive signs among them. Clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of the system, and two patents have been obtained. We will achieve overseas expansion with this program to save the lives of patients around the world.

Ryoji Otsu

Representative Director

Chinou Gijutsu, Inc.

Established: 2007

04.Neural Port.

The Age of Stress Checks with Your Eyes

Neural Port, Inc. is a manufacturing startup with the vision of "creating the future of Futtsu. The company is researching and developing "ZEN EYE PRO," which visualizes stress levels and even provides mental training by simply looking at a group of images displayed in a VR space for about 3 minutes, using the "line of sight" modality that cannot be lied about.

Anna Shimafuji

Representative Director

Neural Port Inc.

Established: 2020


What is surprising is not the low price, but the accuracy of the AI.

With the mission of "bringing the latest technology to the workforce," Futtsu-Per provides "practical AI" that is truly usable onsite to overcome the current situation where manufacturing sites are not able to adopt the latest technology due to cost and requirements.

We deliver highly accurate AI specialized for the manufacturing industry at a low price, based on know-how gained from visiting more than 1,000 workplaces since the company's establishment and our proprietary algorithms developed in-house. We offer proposals that meet customers' challenges, focusing on appearance inspection AI, image recognition AI, anomaly detection AI, behavior detection AI, and demand forecasting AI.

Yasutaka Someya

VP | Global Strategy

Hutzper inc.

Established: 2020

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