Development of Information Dissemination Strategy and Opening of a Portal Site

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Deep Tech Valley "KANSAI" 

“Kansai” has the basis for creating new industries. 

The Regional Industrial Promotion Bureau is working to form a startup ecosystem.

We have developed an information dissemination strategy regarding the "Kansai Startup Ecosystem Information Dissemination Project."

This strategy aims to revitalize the Kansai economy and achieve sustainable economic growth by relaying the attractiveness, potential, and future of the Kansai Startup Ecosystem both domestically and abroad, widely promoting features not found in other areas. It also establishes as a brand, "Deep Tech Valley "KANSAI," one of the leading R&D startup locations in Japan that can attract a variety of resources (startups, human resources, investors, etc.).

 In addition to the development of this strategy, the portal site "Kansai Startup Ecosystem" was made public on November 29, 2021 as part of the information dissemination project.

This portal site will function as the information center for the Kansai Startup Ecosystem, and will strengthen the dissemination of information both domestically and abroad by posting a variety of informational content such as support from prefectures and cities including the Keihanshin global hub cities, startups in Kansai, events, and community information. 

 In conjunction with the creation of this portal site, we also created a logo for the Kansai Startup Ecosystem and plan to publicize it on the portal site and at events, etc., in order to establish a brand image.