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Sakai is an ordinance-designated city with a population of about 820,000, located in the center of the Kansai area, which is a huge market with a population of 20 million, with good access to overseas, major cities in Japan. In ancient times, the Nintoku-tennō-ryō kofun (a World Cultural Heritage) was built, and in the Middle Ages, Sakai became a hub for overseas trade and developed as a city with a spirit of liberty and self-governance. In the modern era, Sakai was touted that “everything was made in Sakai” by continuing to try new things, creating innovation, and developing industry. Currently, Sakai is aiming to become an innovative city that makes the future. In particular, it has designated the Nakamozu area as an "area where universities, industrial support institutions, and start-up companies are clustered to create interaction" and is working to create innovation.

* As of August 2022 Public statistics

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